High School & College Career Coaching

Do you want to help your child find a fulfilling career that they love?

The last years of high school and college can be a stressful time in your child’s life. They have a world of options before them, but they are likely struggling with how to choose the career, college and major that is right for them.

Our comprehensive, individualized high school and college career coaching process gives your child an edge early in life by focusing on their talents, interests and values to help them identify their best career fit. Make an investment in your child’s future success and happiness through career coaching and avoid the expense of a wrong career choice and the anxiety that follows. 


To begin our work together, we meet with you to discuss your child’s unique talents, interests and background. Then, we gather crucial information from you and your student through AN online assessment that allow us to better understand their key career factors and best focus our work.

Next, we meet one-on-one with your child during a series sessions to guide them through our career discovery process. In addition, our high school career coaching process includes best-in-class aptitude testing and a debrief to identify your child’s natural aptitudes and talents, including those that may not show up in the traditional classroom. We use an assessment with the highest reliability of any such testing to date, providing a multi page report pointing to strong possible career matches.

Using this wealth of information, your coach will conduct a thorough analysis of your student’s career choices and help them identify their best career fit(s).